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Who are we?

Groupworx is a people and business management consulting firm specialising in recruitment, selection, and development.

Embodied from the identified need for better matched employees based on traits, abilities, and skills due to the acute awareness of the resource strain and risk to sustainability when less optimal placements are made, as perceived from the perspective of a registered psychometrist and a labour attorney, the two founding partners.

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Our mission

Leveraging digitisation, experience, expert knowledge, vetted referral partners, and a people centred attitude towards improving organisations in South Africa one employee at a time.

Our vision

Better people in organisations optimising performance and improving the South African socio-economic landscape

Meet our team


Gerhard Coetzee

MBA, BA Hons (Psychology), SDF

Gerhard, an HPCSA registered psychometrist, has been involved in psychometric assessment and assessment centres since 2013 while consulting FMCG management. Previously he was managing FMCG outlets where he consistently obtained double figures YoY growth.

Growth, whether individual, group, or organisational excites him and with an innovative and logic-analytical approach seek the realistic optimisation of systems, while being aware of the imperfect nature of humans.


Henk Brink

MBA, PGDip (Labour Law) LLB

Henk has extensive experience as a labour attorney and was functioning as a regional director to a market leading human capital consulting firm in the Limpopo region. His legislative expertise is supported by experience in financial services. Currently he is exploring business opportunities in Hong Kong towards establishing a global footprint.

Henk’s adventurous spirit is balanced by a rational and meticulous attitude with a preference for the practical over the abstract.

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Why Groupworx?

We enjoy a high level of trust with our clients, who repeatedly use our services time and time again. We take the time to get to know everyone we work with in order to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships
In the recruitment technology landscape, AI has been strengthening its position for a few years now. The recent past already showed us that, in one form or another, AI is becoming a must-have in the recruiter’s toolbox.
Using a recruitment agency is about accessing the candidates that you as a client cannot. Our recruiters develop relationships with talented candidates, have deep networks and great skills in the craft of recruitment. We are highly experienced and fully established within the recruitment market place.
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